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The MAGI Project is about the ancient Rings of Truth. Putting shattered pieces together.



"Gate of All Nations," Persepolis

"Gate of All Nations" Persepolis

  • The Magi Project is concerned with the true history, ancient wisdom, architecture, artefacts, cuneiform scripts, manuscripts, hidden mysteries, culture and consciousness of the Near-East, focusing on the Iranian, Mesopotamian and deep associations across Eurasia, stretching back 7,000 years plus.
  • This Project aims to clarify mysteries and provide a portal for ancient Iran.
  • The Project enters the Islamic world (Shia) to tease out secrets, heritages, values, importance.
  • The Magi Project will deal with aspects of the heist of the Iranian culture as time permits and new ways of analyzing and reading history.
  • Meetings with scholars, researchers and thinkers from the melting-pot of the Mid-Orient, their work, and contribution to world heritage and the ongoing reconstruction of a historical, current and potential future narrative that is more precise than the one Western history provides us with.
  • Studying sites and interpretations ignored by the mainstream and which provide new ways to reinvision who and what we are (human consciousness and cosmic connections), once new, overlooked or ignored information is added.

More importantly, we will be able to begin a narrative that is less broken, chopped, and made to appear peripheral or ephemeral, as we break the chains of  ”no permission” to ask outside the box, the corral and container of paradigmatic Western thought. We are asking for breakthroughs and going to find them.

Ancient Persia Persepolis 512 BC – ایران باستان – YouTube

Panorama of Persepolis, Iran

Panorama of Persepolis, Iran


  • Jai

    Hi Mary Ann! Seems that I'm behind on my reading here. You've been busy I see. The Maji Project sounds wonderful, and I'm wishing you the best in your exploits to discover the puzzle pieces while you're there. What a great opportunity , mission and vision to be be carrying out on your journey . Lot's of pictures please!!
    Love, Peace & Safe Travels. <3 Jai